Dynasty Network is a firm believer that all indigenous, Autochthonous, So-called Black Children should be educated by their parents; the first
teachers, and that education should be African-Centered. 
Our programs are designed to encourage homeschooling and the development of a child's spirituality.
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What is online radio?
Online radio is either pre-recorded MP3 files or live streaming broadcasts over the internet via a microphone or telephone.

What is Blogtalk Radio?
BlogTalkRadio is a web-based platform that allows podcasters and talk show hosts to create live and on-demand talk format content for distribution on the web and podcast distribution channels. Its claim to fame is a web based 'studio' that allows its content creators to host multi-participant broadcasts using a computer and a phone.
How do I sign up to listen to Dynasty Network?
You don't have to sign up to listen to our shows. Just navigate to the broadcast that you want to listen to and press the "play" button.
What can I hear on Dynasty Network?
Dynasty Network is known as a Revolutionary Radio. This means that you will find a wide range of talk topics designed to enlighten, empower and educate you while including a sprinkle of music.
How can I start listening to Dynasty Network stations?
You can listen to our podcast on our Dynasty Network site, on iTunes, Stitcher, Aha Radio, TuneIn Radio, and a growing list of podcasting apps.
What are the requirements to listen to Dynasty Network stations?
Nothing fancy. You can listen via your telephone, on your desktop, or mobile device.
Does it cost money to listen to Dynasty Network stations?
Our tagline has always been "We Love You for Free!" Dynasty Network does not charge to listen to broadcasts aired on our network. We continue to operate because of the generous donations from our listeners and the hosts who purchase a spot on our network.
Can I listen to Dynasty Network from anywhere?
With online radio, you are not limited to one geographic area or dependent upon syndication partners picking up your show in order for it to be heard. It can be heard all over the world.

Dynasty Network is usually streamed on-demand, which means the listener can tune in whenever he/she likes, share with others, or listen to t he archives more than once.
Can I download or record any of the broadcasts from Dynasty Network?
You can download the archived show directy from our podcast player. This is indicated by an arrow that points downward. Click the icon and your file will immediately begin dowloading to your hard drive.
How do I listen on the website?
There is a gold bar towareds the top of each page. On that bar, you will see a flashing message that says "Listen Live". Click on that message and you will be navigated to our station's page on Blogtalk Radio.
How do I listen on my mobile device?
When you visit our website, you will automatically navigate to our mobile site where you can listen to our podcasts.
I cannot hear audio at all. What should I do?
This may sound elememtary, but make sure that you have the volume turned up. Also, check to see if the device that you are on is not on mute. Last but not least, check the volume button on the player. If there is an "x" next to the speaker, then you must turn the volume up here. The "x" indicates that the player is on mute.
Iím trying to bookmark a page, but it only allows me to bookmark the main Dynasty Network's page.
In order to make listening easier, the new website has the player embedded in the page with frames. Therefore, to bookmark specific pages, you will want to use the bookmark icon that is located towards the top right corner of each page. For Google Chrome users, this option is not currently available.
My question is not answered here, what can I do?
No problem. Just click the "contact us" link for options on how to reach us.
How do I host on your network?
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Be a Host." Fill out the form to sign up and a Dynasty Network staff member will contact you.
How much does it cost to host on your network?
Our prices varies depending on the length of days and times that you wish to broadcast.Visit our price list on the "Be a Host" page.
What are your requirements to become a host?
We are Revolutionary Radio for Revolutionary People. With that being said, the information that you wish to broadcast must fit within our format. Also, you must have a reliable phone connection and/or internet for Skype calls.
What genres of shows are allowed on your network?
Any type of information that will help others to become enlightened, encouraged and empowered. We do not allow any reliious shows to air on our network. If you are not sure about your show's contents, please visit our "contact" page and ask us about it.
Can I sell ads on my show?
You sure can. As long as they do not go against our mission and goals here. We do not advertise sex, religion, violence etc. Ask us if you are not sure.
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The Dynasty Network (DN) was birthed in the mind of T'Malkia (Empress T) Zuri, host of the weekly talk show "Life After Christianity 101" also broadcasting from Dynasty Radio 1382. She is also the owner/operator of a Book Publishing company Griot Publishing House, a Web Designing and Web Hosting company Griot Sites. Empress T's inspiration for this network stems from her Ancestral connection to the Grand Queen Mother Tiye of the 18th Dynasty during Ancient Kemet (Egypt). Dynasty Network is a no-holds barred growing network of indigenous men and women who work overtime to bring you enlightenment, education, and inspiration. We are the Revolutionary Radio 1382.
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